Richard Manning

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Richard & Shelly came to Calvary in November of 2011.  Richard is beginning his 6th year here at Calvary. 

"I love being the pastor here andeach day brings opportunity to serve with people who love God, share their faith of Jesus and live in a town that needs all Christ--followers to walk daily a life of joy and service to Christ.  Shelly and I served in Thailand as church planters for many years and I have served in Oklahoma, California and Ohio.  Being at Calvary is a challenge that each day is filled with hope and encouragement that God is working in this community.  I am thankful for men and women who want to see His will and purpose done in their lives and others.  Our two sons reside in Texas and serve God in their lives.  We now have entered the grandparent phase of our lives and look forward to seeing her grow in the knowledge of God.  Shelly enjoys doing art projects like painting and hand made jewerely.  Come and worship with us this week and know that God has/is/will always be ready to hear your prayers and answer in His Will. 

  September 2021  
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