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Dear Calvary Family:

Applying principles to our lives that keep us directed in the right way is important.  I want to share 4 I read long ago and then recently saw them posted by a person of whom I respect.

1.  Praise God:  Learning to praise God in good times, hard times, difficult times, evil times and leisure times will keep you focused on the one who has created you, loves you and is waiting for you.

2.  Seek God:  Learning to seek God through His Word, in His creation, in church while the music is being sung, while the preacher is speaking and in the stillness of night.  Having an attitude of seeking His truth in all things, even in the evil moments of life.  He is still there and in control.

3.  Worship God:  In all you do.  How you speak, how you react and respond.  Having an attitude of Worship changes how you live, how you see life and how you see other people.  

4.  Thank God:  This is far deeper than just saying thanks.  It is falling to our knees in appreciation of all God does for us.  It is living with praise on our lips that come from our heart.  Thanking God by being kind to all people.  Speaking to others, especially those close to use and see us daily, by using words of uplifting encouragement and edification.  Being thankful for the simple things in life.  Breath, water, food, friends, family, church, job, moments of rest and times of filling by God.  

Just a simple way to keep our lives in focus on God and live out our days in joyfulness of His presence.


In His Name"

Bro. Richard

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